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  • MIG Welding Machine

    MIG Welding Machine

    MIG Welding Machine MIG 135/155 Features: 1. Built-in 0.9kg wire spool. 2. MMA/MIG Mode 3. With output polarity conversion, can weld flux core and solid wire. 4. With perfect overcurrent, overheating, short voltage protection. 5. Under MIG mode. 6. Small size, light weight and portable. 7. Single phrase power supply for home use. Scope of application: 1. Consumbles: contact tip, nozzle, welding rod 2. Welding workplace: 1-4mm, carbon steel. stainless steel MIG 160/175/200GD Features: 1. 5kg and 1kg wire coil interchange. 2. 3 in 1 function, including MIG/MAG, MMA, Lift TIG 3. MMA mode with adjustable VRD control, usercan set; arc force can adjust seperately. 4. 2T/4T mode. 5. At MIG/MAG mode have voltage, current, inductance unified adjusting function. 6. With output polarity conversion. 7. With perfect over current, over heating, short voltage protection. 8. Current and voltage figure have seperate digital display. 9. Complete with spool gun connector. Scope of application: 1. Consumbles: contact tip, nozzle, tungsten needle, welding rod 2. Welding workplace: 1-6mm, carbon steel. stainless steel MIG 200/250/300GN 1. Built-in wirefeeder, equipped with cylinder tray. 2. MIG/MMA/LIFT TIG Mode. 3. MMA mode with VRD control. 4. With output polarity conversion. 5. Under MMA mode can be used as lift arc TIG. 6. With perfect overcurrent, overheating, under voltage protection. 7. Current and voltage figure with seperate digital display. 8. 3 Duct design( Waterproof, anti dust, anti corrosion). 9. The high rate of sustained load can be used for industrial users. Scope of application: Mig200/250/300: Φ0.6-1.2 flux-cored wire Mig200: Φ0.6-1.0 carbon steel wire,5/15KG MIg250/300: Φ0.6-1.2 carbon steel wire,5/15KG Consumbles: 200A: Φ2.5-4.0, acid electrode, basic electrode 250A/300A: Φ2.5-5.0, acid electrode, basic electrode Welding workplace: 1-6mm, carbon steel, stainless steel

  • MMA Welding Machine

    MMA Welding Machine

    MMA Welding Machine MMA140/160/180/200GD Features: 1. Single board design 2. Single phase power supply. 3. MMA mode with VRD control. 4. Can be used as lift arc TIG. 5. With perfect over current, overheating, short voltage protection. 6. Small size, light weight, portable and easy operation for family users. Scope of application: MMA: 1. Welding consumables: Φ2.5-3.2mm Acid electrode Φ2.5-3.2mm Basic electrode 2. Welding thickness: MMA140-160A: 1.5mm-5mm steel MMA180-200A: 2mm-6mm steel TIG: Tungsten needle: 140-160 Φ1.6-2.4 180-200 Φ1.6-3.2 Gas: Argon gas MMA140/160/200 Features: 1. Adopt advanced 100KHZ high frequency inverter technology. 2. built-in arc force and hot start function, easy to start, high quality welding, small splash, good weld appearance. 3. With ability of automatic over-voltage, under voltage, over-current protection, safe and reliable. Scope of application: 1. Welding consumables: Φ2.5-3.2mm Acid electrode Φ2.5-3.2mm Basic electrode 2. Welding thickness: MMA140-160A: 1.5mm-5mm steel MMA180-200A: 2mm-6mm steel

  • Multifunctional Digital Pulse Welder

    Multifunctional Digital Pulse Welder

    Multifunctional Digital Pulse Welder CT312/416GD CT416 Features: 1. 3 in 1 function, include CUT,MMA, and HF TIG. 2. MMA mode with adjustable VRD control. 3. With perfect over current, over-heating, under voltage protection. 4. Current digital display. 5. Pressure adjustment and indicate on panel. 6. Single board design. Scope of application: Cutting thickness: 30A: 10mm, carbon steel, stainless steel 40A: 12mm, carbon steel, stainless steel MMA: Φ2.5-3.2mm, acid electrode, basic electrode Φ2-6mm, carbon steel, stainless steel TIG: Φ1.6-2.4mm, tungsten needle Φ0.6-4mm, carbon steel, stainless steel

  • Plasma Cutting Machine

    Plasma Cutting Machine

    Plasma Cutting Machine Features: Using V-MOS inverter circuit and TGBT switching elements, advanced circuit design, high efficiency, small size, light weight, good starting arc performance. High-speed, high temperature, high energy plasma gas follow to heat and melt the material being cut. The use of compressed air for industrial gases and exclude the molten metal stream, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. Applications: 1. Aplly sheet cutting, cutting neat, smooth, small deformation, stainless steel and all kinds of metal material cutting is very convenient. 2. Suitable for cutting cabon steel, high speed steel, tool steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and most of ferrous and nonferrous metals.

  • Pulse Gas Shielded Welding Machine System

    Pulse Gas Shielded Welding Machine System

    Pulse Gas Shielded Welding Machine System Features: IGBT inverter technology, current mode control, quality and reliable, stable performance, closed-lop feedback, constant pressure output, strong ability to resistthe voltage wave, electronicreactor control, stable welding process, little spatter, weld pool depth, good molding; welding preset voltage; arc slow wire feeding, welding ball cutting arc, to ensure success rate; has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple operation, economy and practicality; cost savings, cna completely replace the tap welding macine; sheet thickness more than 0.8 mm, in sheet metal welding. Applications: It can be widely used in automobile, steel doors and windows, furniture and other industries.

  • Pulsed Argon Arc Welding Machine

    Pulsed Argon Arc Welding Machine

    Pulsed Argon Arc Welding Machinev Features: The use of SCR flow circuit, easy maintenance, low noise, high efficiency; high-frequency high-pressure arc, high success rate; welding current is gentle and stable, uniform weld appearance. By adjusting the pulse current and pulse frequency, the required weld width, depth of dissolution, and number of weld ripples can be controlled. This series welder has DC TIG welding, AC TIG welding, DC pulse TIG welding, exchange hands welding, DC manual welding five functions. Applications: DC pulsed argon arc welding is applicable to stainless steel, copper, titanium and carbon steel. AC argon welding is suitable for welding aluminum, magnesium, aluminum alloys, brass and other materials.

  • Spot Welding Machine Series

    Spot Welding Machine Series

    Spot Welding Machine Series Features: 1. Welding current is stable; welding spot is even and has a good appearance with no black spot. 2. Low pressure and watering phenomenon after Li-batter welding can be overcame; it is an ideal equipment for producing and assembling batteries. 3. Controlled by single chip microcomputer, single-pulse, double-pulse and multi-pulse welding can be accomplished. 4. All parameters are digitalized so parameter regulation is intuitive and accurate. 5. Welding pin pressure can be regulated privately and conveniently so that the welding pressure is stable and reliable. 6. Positioning welding is accurate, and applicable for cap cells welding, the yield is high. 7. Nice appearance, and light weight. Applications: -Battery lab -Battery research -Lithium ion battery lab -Material research -Trial-production

  • Roll (seam) Welding Machine

    Roll (seam) Welding Machine

    Rolling Seam Welding Machine is the evolution of spot welder. It uses the roller electrode to replace the cylindrical electrode of spot welding and as the welding work piece moves between the rolling plates, the seal welding will generate weld nuggets which will overlap with each other so as to achieve welding effect. The weld seam of roll welding is composed of welding spots. According to different overlap of the melting cores, it could be divided into roll spot welding and air-tight seam welding. There exist three stages in the forming process of welding spots: pressurization, heating fusing and cooling crystallization like spot welding. Features: 1. Adopt intelligent microcomputer single piece controller which achieve pure digital setting. Online computer programming, LED digital display, stable performance, convenient modification of the program online. 2. Adopt intelligent microcomputer control welding system. When the voltage fluctuates, it will compensate the welding current automatically to ensure the stability of welding. 3. Adopt digital circuit control; select the components from famous factories in the world to ensure the equipment could operate steadily in the long run. 4. Adopt SEMIKRON from West Germany, IXYS and IR silicon controlled from United States. High precision, long operating life, achieve high stability control of the magnitude of current. 5. The transmission tile axis adopts the latest mercury conductive technology from abroad. State-of –the-art technology with good performance in transmission and conductivity. 6. Welding roll wheel adopts the alloy copper material from Japan. High rigidity, good conductivity. 7. The transformer adopts the high pure silicon steel sheet from Japan, good performance in magnet and electricity conductivity. Low consumption of electricity. Stronger and more stable power. 8. Welding mold and the connection of the whole machine uses the mosaic connection. Easy to be assembled and disassembled. 9. AC pulse, secondary rectifying and three-phase medium frequency type of welding power source are available.

  • Row Welding Machine

    Row Welding Machine

    Row Welding Machine Features 1.This Gantry Row welding machine is specialized in fast production of wire mesh. It is suitable for the product with more y wire and less x wire. 2.The welding power source could be two-phase AC or three-phase MF DC. The welding manner is one-way double-layer automatic stepping feeding with multiple welding heads. (adjustable according to your product) 3.The effective welding width is 1200mm while the effective welding length is 3000mm. (adjustable according to your product) Applications: Our machines have been widely applied to various kinds of industries, such as kitchen utensils, automobile making, motorcycle manufacturing, glasses, hardware, household appliances, low-voltage apparatus, elevator, compressor,

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